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About Em-Tech Rating and Consortium

E.Musinski is presenting the opportunity to invest to the Medicine of the Future

Edward Musinski predicted the 2020 crisis and opportunities, in August 2019. 

Now, E. Musinski and participants of AAPM Coronavirus Task-force are gathering top-experts to the Scientific Panel to verify Coronavirus preventative solutions.

Strong AI Telewellness Consortium is aimed at validation of Emerging Tech companies in health area, to offer to selected investors participation in co-investment.

 At Davos 2020, we presented the Rating of Em-Tech firms.

Want to repeat the success of Zoom, Apple, Salesforce?

Join our expert group (if you're expert in AI, healthteh, biotech) or Board, if you're an investor.

Disruptive innovations gave an unfair advantage to the backers of the most innovative companies. 

We present you the chance to profit from the new wave of innovations!  

LifeTime Award for Coronavirus Preventative efforts: the initiative of AAPM Coronavirus Task-force members

At Davos2021 we're to present LifeTime Award for the Coronavirus Prevention. 

Telehealth/Biotech/digital health are the areas of the main interest in 2929. 

We invited the most promising startups to WEF 2020 to present the vision on the future of Emerging Technologies, and to get the biggest companies as partners!

Emerging technologies will influence the future, so

we are gathering scientists and top experts in Artificial Intelligence (the #1 technology to impact the society and economy) and other technologies, to produce the first Rating of Emerging Technologies.

With the coronavirus pandemic, people will finally be stuck online. That will lead to the rapid growth of communications industries (online messengers with VR function - Facebook considers this trend as #1) and digital health.

Exclusive proposal for investors:

We invited 50 investors to back top Em-Tech companies. 

For example, we present a company developing ten drugs against Coronavirus!. 

It is GERO, number one in Neture ranking of articles in this field.

By investing to Telewellness Consortium members, you'd get the golden ticket to the future of global economy.

It's like to pick up the Microsoft investment opportunity in 1981.  


Davos presentation of Emerging tech rating

The first Rating of Emerging Technologies and Strong AI initiative were  presented at #Davos2020. 

Emerging Technologies Rating started with Longevity technologies Rating validation by the scientists we had invited to our Oxford Longevity Conference in 2018. 

 Top investors ready to back Emerging technologies despite of recession.
They only need to  put some validation questions: 1) how the company attracts A+ talent from Emerging Technologies, 2) signals of market demand for their product. 

Our consortium helps to answer both questions


LifeTime Award for saving mankind

Health retreats and cruise companies invited to Award.

Rules: auditorium of 500 top bloggers invited to vote for the HealthCare Heroes, doctors and researchers.
Value proposition for wellness partners: you’ll get the loyalty of clients, which are to get your services half-price, to visit your places together with 500 winners of LifeTime Award